Phone access one machine Series Installation Guide

I. Introduction

Phone access control products are adhering to the company's deep accumulation of wireless data communications, security, cloud computing, financial cryptography, relying on smartphones, unveils the future of the series access products, the products include smart phone APP, reader, control device, - - body machines, video doorbell, cloud services a full range of access control products, Bluetooth, WiFi communication technology, financial grade security encryption algorithm to provide convenient, fast and secure access control experience, support Android4.0

(Only Bluetooth product requirements 4.3 above) and i0S4. 0 above version of the phone, without having to bring the card to use, compatible with support traditional unlock ways to support mobile phones, smart cards, passwords and other authentication, Support hardware, Android, iOS SDK development Kit, a comprehensive cloud platform services to support access control, elevator control, enabling access control access control, elevator control, door apartment in a top APP, visitors support a temporary password features that make access control fully into the mobile internet era.

II. Features

1. High safety design, level of financial security design is based on a random encryption communications device, Eliminate duplication, to conduct a comprehensive safety design in the APP and the cloud to ensure data security intact.
2. The cost of the smart chip, ultra-low-power hardware design.
3. Web-based technology to build, Internet-based communication technology equipment, easy deployment of remote network management,
Can be used for door] ban management community / branches / stores / public housing / base station.
4. facilitate a comprehensive solution, keys, door cards, work cards are placed in the phone, not to find<找去,可扩展支持消息发布、社区管理、企业管理等功能。

III. A schematic view of access control systems

1. In use the user has permission to access the phone open the APP, shake, the password, the device authentication by the device after the output latch control signal (signal relay), the lock can be opened

2. An external switch out, easy to open the door from the interior

IV. Installation

1. Using a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws on the bottom tamper

2. Remove the wall mounting plate from the device

3. screwdriver hanging plate fixed to the wall

4.Tighten the bottom tamper-proof screw to secure the machine to the wall mounting plate

V. electrical wiring diagram lock

1. out switch in wiring and wiring diagram

2. The lock device common power supply

3. The device lock is not a common power supply

4. Equipment and spiritual lock / electric lock wiring diagram

The access exclusive lock power connector

Energizing the electromagnetic lock mortise lock wiring

Spirituality lock electric wiring

6. Matters needing attention

1. The power supply apparatus using keep pushing 12V3A
2. Prohibit live wiring, live action resulting in unexpected machine problems, we
There will be no normal warranty
3. Read the installation instructions carefully before installing and wiring instructions before wiring, strictly in accordance with
Wiring specification, result in damage due to incorrect operation, it does not belong to the normal warrant
4. After the power machine is not running, power down immediately, then it is necessary to check the line

5. The Company reserves the right to amend this document and interpretation

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