Cloud phone video intercom Installation Guide

I. Introduction

Cloud video intercom access control products company is adhering to the deep accumulation in the wireless data communications, security, cloud computing, financial cryptography, relying on smart phones for the launch of a series of video intercom access control products, including cloud video intercom , access control, reader, one machine, the smart phone APP, cloud services and other full range of products, access control based on protection of financial security encryption algorithms and high-level security access control provides convenience for customers, and fast. Secure access.

Ii. Product size

front view

Bottom view

side view

Rear view

III. In wiring schematic and access

1. Wiring Standard

2. wiring diagram

IV. In wiring schematic and Access

1. Using a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws on the bottom tamper

2. Remove the wall mounting plate from the device

3. screwdriver hanging plate fixed to the wall

4.Tighten the bottom tamper-proof screw to secure the machine to the wall mounting plate

V. Terminal Description

1. Voltage Control Interface lock: a lock point control, such as electronically controlled lock / lock Spirituality
2. The lock relay control interface is a contact or a relay contact interfaces dry lock switches, such as power locks, magnetic locks
3. Magnetic door switch state is detected

VI. Electrically controlled lock (lock spiritual) wiring diagram

VII. Power locks / magnetic lock wiring instructions

1. The lock device common power supply

FIG energized normally open lock connection

NC wiring diagram energization lock

2. The locking device is not a common power supply

FIG energized normally open lock connection

NC wiring diagram energization lock

VIII. Door sensor, exit button

Magnetic co-out switch and ground (GND)

IX. Notes

1. The power supply apparatus using keep pushing 12V3A
2. Prohibit live wiring, live action resulting in unexpected machine problems, we
There will be no normal warranty
3. Read the installation instructions carefully before installing and wiring instructions before wiring, strictly in accordance with
Wiring specification, result in damage due to incorrect operation, it does not belong to the normal warrant
4. After the power machine is not running, power down immediately, then it is necessary to check the line

5. The Company reserves the right to amend this document and interpretation

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