"The body temperature is normal." On February 18, the reporter saw at the Guangzhou East Railway Station bus station that a face recognition thermometer had been installed at the entrance door of the buses 263 and 256. When a passenger gets in the car, the face recognition thermometer can automatically recognize the portrait, lock on the forehead area for multi-point temperature measurement and broadcast the results.

At the same time as the payment by credit card is completed, the temperature measurement is also completed simultaneously, and the manual temperature measurement by the driver after the payment has been saved, saving a lot of time. Chen Zhenlin, deputy director of the Public Transport Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, said that this device can also shield the surrounding environment and other personnel during temperature measurement. Even passengers can wear a mask to measure temperature normally.

Compared with the traditional manual temperature measuring gun, the face recognition thermometer has higher temperature measurement efficiency and accuracy, which can prevent passengers from being blocked at the door due to temperature measurement during the peak flow of passengers. Wu Shangfeng, Technical Manager of the Second Branch of Guangzhou Bus Group Tram Company, said: "The driver uses a traditional thermometer to detect the temperature of a passenger in 5 to 8 seconds, and now the face recognition thermometer can detect it in 1 to 2 seconds.

After the temperature has been measured, the passenger's temperature will appear on the thermometer's electronic display. For passengers with normal body temperature, the instrument will report "normal body temperature", and when the passenger's body temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, the instrument will issue a continuous "drop" alarm and broadcast "abnormal body temperature" to remind the driver and fellow passengers. Secretary and company jointly supervise and do a good job of epidemic prevention.

“The driver does not need to stand up and take a manual temperature measurement for the passenger. This allows the driver to focus on driving operations and reduce the close contact between the driver and the passenger.” Chen Zhenlin said that the device will also record the passenger's temperature information in the background, providing traceability for epidemic prevention help. "If necessary, you can also use the bus source tracing system to find information about vehicles, drivers and fellow travellers."

At present, the face recognition thermometer is mainly used on Guangzhou 256 and 263 bus lines. In the future, it will be extended to the main trunk line vehicles and stations according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control.

        Shenzhen Ximo Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched the face recognition infrared temperature measurement system to help control the development of the epidemic. It consists of five functions: human infrared temperature detection, binocular live detection, platform data analysis and detection, custom voice playback, and ID card collection and authentication. At the same time, a free mini-program of epidemic prevention management was launched to help various places to effectively control the epidemic situation.

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