Why is intelligent face recognition access control favored?

Problems facing traditional access control

       In the traditional access control card system, once the user loses the access control card or misses the access control card during use, he will fall into the embarrassment of being unable to pass the access control.

       Although fingerprint recognition is also a major improvement in access control cards, once the user's fingerprints are broken, his hands are wet, and dust, etc., he still cannot pass the access control.


Facial access control system

       Compared with the above two types of access cards, the face recognition access control system has obvious advantages. Based on the facial features of people, it is not necessary to bring a card, and the face can be passed, so the face recognition access control system is more and more popular.

       With the continuous advancement of technology, the problems existing on it will be solved. In the future, the face recognition access control system will be more and more powerful, and the application will be more and more extensive, and the visitor's traffic rate will be improved efficiently. Will bring a new experience to visitors.

       The face detection and recognition system is based on deep learning neural network and has the advantages of low cost, fast detection, high accuracy and automatic learning. The solution supports private deployment and can accurately detect and recognize faces without the need to connect to the Internet, a true offline face recognition system. And the industry provides a flexible open interface, which can realize the face recognition function on the original system with only a few lines of code, and can be connected to the mall system, member management system, card system, small program, OA office system, ERP system. Any system.


Face recognition

       Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information for identification. For the input face image or video stream, it is first determined whether there is a face, and if there is a face, the position and size of each face and the position information of each main face organ are further given. Then, based on the information, the identity feature data contained in each face is further extracted and compared with the known face to identify the identity of each face.


Application of face recognition in the field of gates

  • 1.Employee's face gate passage at work
  • 2. Passengers entering the station with face gates 
  • 3.Gateway for airport face recognition 
  • 4. School face recognition gate
  • 5.Gateway for face recognition in scenic spots
  • 6, community face recognition gate channel

Advantages of face recognition technology


       Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information for identification. Each person's face is composed of forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, etc., and the approximate positional relationship between them is also fixed. However, the face is unique. There are no two identical faces in the world. People can usually distinguish different people according to the nuances between different faces.

       Faces are similar and volatile, and different environments, light, angles, and ages will all change the imaging of the face. Therefore, face recognition is one of the most difficult research areas in the field of biometrics.

       Face recognition technology has several advantages such as non-mandatory, non-contact, and concurrency.

       Non-mandatory:The system can obtain the face image when the user is in an unconscious state, without special cooperation;

       Non-contact:Users do not need to contact the device directly to obtain facial images and extract facial features for detection;

       Concurrency:In actual application scenarios, multiple faces can be sorted, judged and recognized at the same time;

       In addition, there are features such as simple operation, intuitive results, and good concealment.



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