Why make a smart community

        In the wave of the Internet and the Internet of Things, China has been riding on the rapid development of smart trains, and the subsequent concept of "smartening" has become popular. As a "smart" module that is close to the life of the general public, there are many guides and participants in the construction of smart communities, and they are also an important part of smart cities. As a basic unit of life, smart security is an important part of smart communities and the existence of smart communities Of value.

        Many people know about the smart community, but they don't know it very carefully, and some customers don't understand why they should be a smart community. The author will popularize it for everyone, let everyone understand the smart community more systematically.

What is a smart community?

        Smart city (community) refers to making full use of the Internet and the Internet of Things, involving smart buildings, smart homes, road network monitoring, smart hospitals, urban lifeline management, food and drug management, ticket management, home care, personal health and digital life, etc. In the field, seize the major opportunities of the new round of technological innovation revolution and the wave of the information industry, and make full use of the advantages of the developed information and communication (ICT) industry, advanced RFID-related technologies, and excellent telecommunication services and information infrastructure. And security platforms and demonstration projects to accelerate key industrial technology research, build a smart environment for urban (community) development, form a new life, industrial development, and social management model based on massive information and intelligent filtering and processing, and build a brand new future-oriented model. Urban (community) form.

        Smart community is a new concept of community management and a new model of social management innovation in the new situation. Smart community refers to the fully integrated application of the new generation of information technology, such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile Internet, to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient, modern and intelligent living environment for community residents, thereby forming an information-based and intelligent society A community of new management forms of management and service.

        Cities are the product of the development of human civilization, and communities are the basic components. Communities are the carriers of the survival and development of urban residents. Their intelligence is a concentrated expression of the level of urban intelligence. In terms of function, smart communities take community residents as the core of service, provide residents with safe, convenient and intelligent services, and fully meet the needs of residents' survival and development. Smart communities are made up of highly developed "neighbourhood centre" services, other security guarantees, and intelligent community control.

Why do we need a smart community?

        Smart communities are a type of urban area (community) that can balance social, business, and environmental needs while optimizing available resources. The real name of a smart community is to provide various processes, systems, and products to promote the development and sustainability of the urban area (community) and bring benefits to its residents, the economy, and the ecological environment in which the urban area (community) depends. By applying information technology (IT) to plan, design, build and operate urban (community) infrastructure, improve the quality of life and economic well-being, define smart communities in this regard. The key urban area (community) components point out the key urban area (community) components for building a smart community and their results. Smart communities can serve the following industries:

        (1) Smart property management: According to the characteristics of smart communities, integrate related systems of property management, such as: parking lot management, closed-circuit monitoring and management, access control system, smart consumption, elevator management, security patrol, remote meter reading, automatic spraying And other intelligent management of related community properties to achieve the integration of independent application subsystems in the community for centralized operation management.

        (2) E-commerce services: Community e-commerce services refer to the implementation of consumer online shopping, online transactions and online electronic payments between merchants, and various business activities, transaction activities, and finance in commercial and trade activities in the community. Activities and related comprehensive service activities, residents of the district can complete the purchase of most necessities without hindrance without going out.

        (3) Smart elderly care services: There are two common environments in which elderly people live now. One is living at home and the other is living in a nursing home. For these two situations, a smart elderly care solution is proposed. The ultimate purpose is to make the elderly safe , Children can work at ease, and the government facilitates management. The family "smart retirement" is actually using the Internet of Things technology to make the elderly's daily life in a remote monitoring state through various sensors.

        (4) Smart home: Smart home is a comfortable, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly living environment based on the house as a platform that combines construction, network communications, information appliances, and equipment automation.





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