Smart Community Technology Four trends: the development of a wider network and systems Integration, intelligent equipment, and ecological design.

"Smart communities", "smart communities", "smart parks" ... the birth of a large wave of "smart" terms has made us outsiders hear the fog.

What exactly is a smart community? What features does Smart Community have? Is only the new high-end community a smart community? Can the old community become a smart community?

In fact, a smart community refers to a new type of management community that makes full use of the integrated applications of the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing, and is based on information and intelligent social management and services.

Functionally speaking, the smart community is based on the community residents as the core service. It provides safe, efficient and convenient intelligent services to residents from various aspects, such as government affairs information, property information, property services, and commercial services. Development needs. Mainly backed by a highly developed "neighborhood center", high-level security And smart community control composition.

This new form of community management, which integrates intelligent social management and service, makes the communication between the property and the owner smoother, and brings more convenient life to the public.

Simply put, with this smart community, our basic needs such as daily living consumption, home care, medical care, and family security prevention can be solved in a more humane way.

For example, face recognition within 1 second of entering a residential area, and automatic opening of barriers to release, owners no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring access cards; when someone visits, the owner only needs to use a mobile phone, IPAD, etc. Who, not only can make video calls, but also can remotely open the door with a simple click on the tool ...

  Smart Community Development Trend:

1. Application

①. Wisdom applications penetrate all aspects of residents' lives.

②. There is a strong demand for the living security services of special groups.

2. Technical aspects

①. Extensive network

Through a complete community local area network and the Internet of Things network, it is possible to realize the automation and intelligence of the community's electromechanical equipment and family homes, and to realize remote digital intelligent monitoring of the network.

②. System integration

Through platform construction towards integration, information and resources are more fully shared, which improves the system's service capabilities.

③. Intelligent equipment

Various basic and status information of the infrastructure and the home appliance itself will be available through the Internet, and these devices can be controlled through the Internet. The devices can also work together through certain rules.

④. Ecological design

The ecological design concept is more in line with the comfort and sustainable development goals of the human living environment.


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