Smart home introduction

Smart home is the use of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, in accordance with ergonomic principles, integration of individual needs, will be related to the home life of various subsystems such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information Home appliances, scene linkages, showers, etc. are organically combined to achieve a new "people-oriented" home life experience through networked integrated intelligent control and management.

The system integrates the intelligent control system, computer network system and network communication technology into a networked intelligent home control system. It not only has the traditional residential function, but also has the functions of building, network communication, information appliance, equipment automation, integrating system, structure, service and management, providing efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment, providing a full range of information interaction functions. To help families and the outside to maintain information exchange, optimize people's lifestyles, help people to effectively arrange time, enhance the safety of home life, and even save money for various energy costs.

System function introduction

Intelligent configuration, interconnection and control, proximity management

The Simuda Housekeeper APP can wirelessly interconnect each product in its system and achieve mutual control through intelligent networking. For example, you can use the switch on the bedroom wall or any other switch to control the switches in the lighting, electrical appliances, and audio-visual systems in any room in your home to achieve near-end management.

Multiple control methods, multiple lifestyle modes

Just one button, all the rest is enjoy! The Sumida Butler APP integrates all the cutting-edge technologies in the smart home industry, enabling centralized control, remote control, scene control, timing control and other control methods. You can control according to your own settings whenever and wherever you want. One-click management of home lighting, electrical appliances, security, audio and video systems, home life is more relaxed, comfortable and safe.

Powerful micro control

Let the remote control in the home disappear from now, the powerful micro-control function of the Simuda Housekeeper APP can fully meet your various needs for home appliance control, such as air conditioning mode, wind speed, temperature selection, TV, DVD, amplifier, projection, etc. The device's selection of songs, source selection, volume control, channel selection, screen zooming, zooming, etc., you can easily enjoy it, so you don't have to worry about finding a remote control everywhere. No matter where you are in the world, you can control any device in your home at any time, and you can feel at ease by looking at your home through the camera. When you are not at home, you can turn on the lighting and music remotely, pull open or close the curtains, and simulate someone at home.

Intelligent socket

Let the traditional electrical appliances become smart appliances, and every electrical device that is taken out from the socket can realize intelligent control functions. Control different power devices through different buttons of the remote control. Such as electric curtains, electric windows and doors, water heaters, rice cookers, electric ovens, water dispensers, air conditioners, televisions, etc.

Remote control, check at any time

The home electrical equipment can be controlled and inquired through various methods such as mobile phone APP and the Internet.

Timing control, health and energy saving

After the timing setting, the air-conditioning system can automatically update the air in each room of the living room, study room, bathroom, etc. The electric curtains are automatically timed and switched every day, and the water heater, rice cooker and electric oven can also be started regularly.

Enjoy life and have fun

According to your requirements, the indoor backlight system can be automatically turned on, and the wireless infrared transponder and remote control can change the volume, change the stage, adjust the volume, etc. in the bathroom, kitchen, terrace and other spaces.

Smart home system diagram

Smart home APP interface


Villa unit solution

The Thinmoo Smart Home Villa is designed to meet the intelligent needs of the villa. It is based on your actual needs. It is the core of intelligent centralized control and is exclusively for your private order. The intelligent integrated system integrates the various subsystems of the villa into mobile devices such as digital smart terminals or mobile phones for linkage control, and the underground audio-visual room equipment can be easily controlled in the second floor bedroom.

The villa-type smart home common system includes: lighting, electric curtains, air conditioning, fresh air, floor heating, background music, security monitoring, video intercom, audio and video entertainment, energy consumption monitoring and other subsystems.

Hardcover renovation solution

The smart home hardcover room transformation solution adopts ZigBee and Wifi equipment, wireless transmission of the system, automatic networking, no need to re-wire, no need to damage the original hardcover, directly replace the original panel to realize the intelligent transformation of the house. According to your needs, unlimited expansion, adding new devices, features and scenarios, and flexible and convenient control of new devices through the panel or mobile phone.

The smart house renovation smart home system includes: lighting, curtains, air conditioning, security monitoring and other subsystems.


System product information

Product number)imageFunction Descriptiontechnical parameter

Smart Gateway (H860)

1. The control center of the smart home system, molded case, built-in antenna;

2. As the control center of the smart home system, it adopts the international standard Zigbee technology, with small delay, low power consumption and high capacity, and the networking is convenient and flexible. It provides a three-level security mode and a symmetric password of the advanced encryption standard (AES 128) to ensure High security of the system;

3supportWi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless transfer to home router

Hardware specificationprocessorMTK MT7620 Platform
interface4x LED indicator (including network port 2 indicator)
1xRJ45 network cable interface
Reset button
Wi-Fi wireless standardIEEE802.11b/g/n (300Mbps)
Zigbee wireless standardIEEE802.15.4 ZHA
CoordinatorTI CC2538
Software specificationoperating systemLinux系统/OpenWRT
Language supportChinese English
System ManagementAutomatically connect to the cloud server
Inter-network communication protocol conversion and processing
Intelligent device management
Intelligent device linkage management
Support remote mode maintenance and upgrade
Smart switch3路( H831 )

1. The national standard 86 box design meets the existing market standards, and the installation method is consistent with the traditional (need to increase the zero line);

2. Support manual and remote control, can do wireless signal relay;

3. Acrylic switch panel, three-button switch

Hardware specificationprocessorZigBee MCU
Zigbee wireless standardIEEE802.15.4
TerminalsL input, N share, L1 & L2 & L3 output
Rated current5A/road
Rated voltageAC100V~240V
Switch life50000 times
Software specificationcontrol methodSupport APP remote control and management
Support physical button mode to control light switch
Smart wall socketH861

1. Adopting the national standard 86 box design, in line with the existing market standards, the installation and wiring method is completely consistent with the traditional wall plug, and the application cost is low;

2. Support manual and remote control;

3. Combined with sensing device and program customization, it can realize personalized and intelligent power management, improve power safety and achieve energy saving.

Hardware specificationprocessorZigBee MCU
Zigbee wireless standardIEEE802.15.4
Socket typeGB five holes: two core + three core socket
TerminalsL, E, N input
Rated voltageAC90V~240V
Rated current10A
Software specificationcontrol methodSupport APP remote control and management
Support physical button mode to control on/off
Smart ZB module(H880)

1.Small ZigBee Module with Ceramic antenna

2. Built in 8020 Ceramic Antenna

Hardware specificationModule size30(L)x16(W)x2(H)
Number of I/O interfaces24
Operating VoltageDC 2 ~ 3.6V
Working current20~40mA
RF transmit power+3dBm(Max)
Receiving sensitivity-91dBm(Min)
Antenna form8020 Ceramic antenna
Software specificationWireless standardIEEE802.15.4  ZigBee Pro
ZigBee ProfileZHA 1.2

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