The parking lot entrance and exit system, a total of 2 in 2 out, after the transformation to achieve all vehicles through the license plate identification in and out, no need to swipe, card access to the field; non-motorized channel 1 into 1 out, using the card to enter and exit.

Road brake license plate recognition machine



Frequency conversion license plate recognition special fast gate, adjustable landing time 1-3 seconds, rod length 4 meters, integrated movement structure, at the same time adapt to compression spring and tension spring to adjust the length of the rod, with a beautiful appearance color matching, electrostatic dust High temperature baking varnish (180 degrees ~ 250 degrees) does not fade, can be configured with a variety of anti-smashing system, ground sensing, pressure wave, infrared and other anti-smashing function * 2 million high-definition pixels, within 4.5 meters can be identified

Extremely optimized embedded license plate recognition algorithm: comprehensive recognition rate is higher than 99.8%

Full range of license plates can be identified (blue, yellow, police, new energy, new armed police, new military, single and double deck and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau license plates)

Software supports one computer 2-16 screen customization

Support for embedded parking system, parking charges not according to regulations

Support one multi-car, multi-car multi-function

Support WeChat payment, Alipay payment, no payment

Support one-click installation database, software comes with installation and debugging wizard

Support for dongle self-authorization date management

Support webpage management month card black and white list system

Expandable 4G wiring-free system, can expand mobile phone / tablet APP charges

IP6 waterproof design, outdoor worry-free, simple internal structure, easy maintenance

Chassis size: 350*300*1470MM

Display size: 150*150MM


1. Use the license plate recognition method to enter and exit, enhance the property image and enhance the owner's experience;

2, the owner (long-term user): the vehicle access and use the license plate to identify the entry and exit;

3. To implement the guest reservation function, the owner can use the Heiner Smart Community WeChat public number to make a guest appointment;

4. To realize the temporary stop payment, the owner can help the temporary car to pay the parking fee, and it will be valid within 15 minutes.

5. Realize the owner to use the Heiner Wisdom Community WeChat public number to make property payment;

6, the parking can use the WeChat sweep function to pay the fee;

7, to achieve a car, when the employee has more than one car, at the same time only one car enjoys the monthly card rules. Multiple vehicles can be input into the system, the system will automatically let the vehicles in the advanced field use the monthly card rules, and other vehicles will be processed according to the temporary card charging rules;

8. System fault automatic detection: The system automatically detects hardware faults, fault information alarms, the software interface visually displays the running status of the equipment, and the main control performs real-time detection on all external devices; all device connection status is indicated, red indicates equipment failure or equipment is not Connection, green and orange standby connection is normal, automatic fault detection and alarm is realized; fault detection for foolproof maintenance is realized;

9. Technical parameter test and display: Scientific technical parameters are the basis for diagnosing equipment failures. The main technical parameters of each equipment are tested and displayed, which plays an important role in accurately determining faults;

10, fool-type maintenance: modular plug-in structure, the user can easily complete the component repair

11, remote fault diagnosis: remotely view the parking device usage status, device fault information upload

12, report, icon management: a powerful management analysis system, the system generates a variety of reports to meet different customer needs, chart output, faster and intuitive understanding of financial situation;

License plate recognition system topology

Cardless identification system compared with traditional card system

Serial number

Comparison project

Ordinary card mode

License plate recognition management


Exotic vehicle

Temporary card

Automatic release, automatic software billing


VIP vehicle


Automatic release, improve property grade


Vehicle speed

The vehicle is slow to pass, and parking is required.

All vehicles are automatically identified and the speed is increased several times


Car owner convenience

Forget the card, the card is damaged, etc.

Automatic identification, no need to bring a card


system maintenance

Need to buy a card

No need to buy a card, software can add license plates


Vehicle entry and exit record

Temporary card security operations are cumbersome, you need to manually add license plate information

Software automatically recognizes record license plate information


System equipment

Card reading equipment is required in addition to the necessary equipment

No need to join other hardware devices except necessary equipment

Pure license plate recognition advantage

Serial number

Functional comparison

One parking product

other products


Cloud license plate recognition

Through the cloud platform server, the backend server automatically backs up all data. Project site data crashes and remotely recovers immediately

The booth computer saves the data (or save it on the local server)


Remote device status cloud monitoring

Through the cloud platform, you can monitor the running status of all online devices, realize device fault pre-discovery, auto-repair, etc.

No device detection, no remote viewing


Online Payment

The monthly truck owner can recharge, renew, and pay for the monthly card through the mobile phone APP, without having to queue up for payment at the property management office.

Property management center handles recharge, renewal and other services


Real-time charging information

The system has a real-time query charge amount, and the data is saved to the cloud platform. No one can modify it to ensure data security

View financial statements locally, and the report is single, unable to be managed remotely


Group cloud management

The system breaks through regional restrictions and realizes remote management across the country, improving work efficiency, reducing the input of manpower and material resources and the problem of secondary consolidated statements.

Unable to remotely manage


Automatic lock

After the vehicle enters the market, the system automatically locks the car. Only when you click and unlock on the mobile app, the car can appear. Ensure vehicle safety.



The above picture shows our standard 1 in 1 out pure license plate recognition simulation effect chart

Vehicle access process

       When the vehicle enters the market, the fixed vehicle enters the market. After the license plate is recognized, the system automatically recognizes whether the vehicle is valid. When the license plate information is valid, the gate is lifted and the vehicle passes. When the valid period of the fixed vehicle, temporary vehicle, and secondary vehicle has expired, the system regards it as an invalid card and automatically issues a warning tone to prompt the person on duty.

       For temporary entry vehicles, the license plate is automatically recognized. The image comparison system quickly captures the image of the car and captures the license plate number and stores it in the system, and transmits the information to the control mechanism. The brake bar automatically raises the vehicle for admission. Local induction line

       In the circle, a vehicle is driven into the yard, and the brake lever is automatically lowered to prevent other vehicles from entering. Information such as the number of vehicles entering the yard and temporary vehicles, time and date of entry and exit, date and cost will be immediately transmitted to the central control center for data enquiry.

       When the temporary vehicle is on the scene, the license plate is automatically recognized, and the vehicle is confirmed after the system confirms and charges a certain parking fee. The local induction coil detects that there is a vehicle driving out of the yard, and the brake lever is automatically lowered to prevent other vehicles from trailing. Information such as the number of fixed and temporary vehicles leaving the yard, time and date of entry and exit, date and cost will be immediately transmitted to the central control center for data enquiry

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