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At present, the settlement of electricity bills mainly relies on the method of meter reading by workers and the direct debit of the power bureau. However, due to the large number of meters and wide distribution, there are various types of electricity grids. Some meters are installed by the grid company, and some meters are installed by the owners. There are many types, including inductive watt-hour meters, electronic watt-hour meters, IC card meters, localized wireless meter reading, and so on. Due to the wide variety of locations and complicated conditions, power companies need to send special personnel to check the meter frequently. This leads to the lack of effective scientific means in the authenticity, accuracy, real-time, reliability and existing problems in the management of electricity consumption. Supervision has brought great difficulties to the management of electricity.

The following issues are highlighted:

  1. Inefficient, poor effect, labor intensive
    Since the distribution of electric meters is particularly scattered, not concentrated, and the installation environment is different, the efficiency of meter reading is extremely low. Every day, the staff keep going upstairs, going downstairs, running, and the labor intensity is quite large, especially in the hot summer conditions, this kind of work is very hard.
  2. Power failure cannot be known in time
    Sometimes there are various power failures such as power outages, which have adverse effects on people's lives and production. It is impossible to find and respond to the above-mentioned faults by manual monitoring.
  3. Private power stealing
    Many meter installations are not standardized, and there are many opportunities to manually change the meter or privately steer the power. Since there is no advanced technical means to supervise and manage this behavior, even if someone changes the meter or steals electricity, the power system staff cannot know. Such on-site meter readings do not truly reflect the actual power usage of the plant.
  4. When the balance of the meter is zero, it will cause a power failure.
    Many electric meters installed by the Electricity Bureau are IC card meters, which automatically lose power when the card balance is used up. If the prompt for insufficient balance of the IC card table cannot be known in time, a power outage will often occur, affecting the normal production and operation of the factory.
  5. Statistics on the lack of user power consumption systems
    Since the manual meter reading time is not fixed and the meter reading cannot be performed, it is difficult to establish the system's electricity consumption statistics, and it is difficult to take systematic measures for scientific electricity use.



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