The biggest feature of traditional access control is that it is convenient to open the door. An access card can open the door and the unit door. At present, the acceptance level is very high, but the disadvantage is that once the access card is lost, it is necessary to seek help from others. It takes more time to re-do it. The biggest problem is still If the access control is upgraded, it is necessary to re-update the access control card, which is very inconvenient, and the technical cost of the access control card is low, and it is easy to be copied, which may present a security risk. In contrast, smart cloud access control is a trend in the future. It no longer requires access cards, using mobile APP, indoor walkie-talkies, mobile phones, etc., through the Western ink smart cloud cloud platform to break through space constraints, remote and video walkie-talkie Direct dialogue at the opposite end. The owner uses the mobile phone to remotely connect and control the intelligent visual intercom door machine to realize a series of linkage functions such as access control unlocking, real-time monitoring, security

        The intelligent access control has greatly improved the security performance. The access control system based on face recognition technology solves the problems of traditional access control cards such as card copying, card loss, card forgetting, etc., and provides convenience while being safe. Now the community access control, the overall more intelligent, such as indoor units can control elevators, online shopping, living payment, etc., door machine can face recognition, can link mobile phones, etc., the community access control alarm system can intervene in the public security system, if the neighborhood is a shop, It can even be linked to the surrounding shops, not only in the control of access in life, but also in dealing with emergencies.

The traditional access control system has several pain points:
1, the construction cost is high, because each household has an extension, plus the use of restricted links, which equipment costs and auxiliary materials costs and engineering are high;
2. Because these intermediate devices are many and simple, it is more likely to cause signal obstruction, resulting in extremely high failure rate. Most systems are in an interrupted or semi-interrupted state after 3-5 years.
3, the latter is simple to ensure, because the line is buried through weak electric wells, the cost of late fault avoidance is high and simple, and the amount of engineering is large.

        The West Ink Intelligent Access Control System uses technologies such as Internet of Things technology, cloud computing, and 4G wireless links to solve the problem of signal blocking, reduce costs, install and use, and be more environmentally friendly. At the same time, it ensures simple maintenance and failure. Troubleshooting is easier. Online management, online upgrade, and remote convenience are also more convenient. At the same time, the functionality is more malleable and can be extended to the direction of home smart security, smart home and smart community.

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