As China's urbanization process accelerates, more and more people work and live in cities. As the most important form of living environment in the city, the importance of security is also increasingly prominent.

       In recent years, all parts of the country have continued to increase investment in technical defense, physical defense, and civil air defense. However, in today's fast-changing modus operandi, some old public housings still have many problems such as low coverage of main channel monitoring probes and poor management of access control systems. Meet the safety needs of residents.

       At the same time, the problem of the aging of the community group's anti-group governance has become increasingly prominent. The problems of “old team”, “old face”, “aging” and “multi-role” are prominent. In many old communities and schools, 50-60 years old and even more than a flower. Security has become the "main force", and the community patrol route is also based on fitness trails, preventing blind spots from getting involved, and failing to effectively implement preventive measures. In addition, some residents' awareness of safety precautions needs to be strengthened. Building doors, home doors and window doors are open, and “door difficulties” have become a security bottleneck.

       Solve the old problem or use a new method. In recent years, as a cell of a smart city, the construction of a smart community is in full swing. To build a smart community, security is an indispensable part and the value of a smart community.

       As the most important part of security, the community security monitoring system is indispensable, mainly used in public places, parking lots, entrances and exits, exterior plazas, residential building entrances and exits, and public areas of residential buildings. After the development of technology, the intelligent monitoring system has a clear picture and automatic recognition and alarm functions. The intelligent camera can identify suspicious persons and suspicious behaviors, automatically alert and alarm, reduce the workload of community security personnel, and ensure that the emergency work of the community is carried out at high speed and efficiency.

       The large mobility of personnel, the chaotic data management, and the shortage of personnel in the property staff have always been common problems in the community. Security incidents have occurred from time to time. Access control is one of the necessary means of community security. The intelligent access control system is installed in the gate of the community and the iron gate of the unit to ensure the closed management of the community. Collect the faces, fingerprints, irises and other data of the residents of the community, set which people can enter and exit, who can not enter and exit, automatically identify and contrast when the personnel enters and exits, and when the identified personnel are not in the system data, they will naturally block the door. However, it is also necessary to do the management of the courier and the delivery staff.

       The building intercom system is a must for new homes. It has evolved into a smart community scene with modern intelligent technology. It has intelligent door opening function, visitor identification function and real-time monitoring function. It can not only intelligently manage the entry and exit of residents, but also allow visitors and The owner of the interviewed household conducts a normal voice conversation or a video conversation, and enters through the latter button, and can also monitor suspicious persons and suspicious behavior in real time. Since the building intercom system is deeply housed in the home, occupying the entrance and exit of the community and the family, it has become an important terminal of the smart community.

       In the end, the smart community is an emerging lifestyle. It is not only a security innovation, but also the foundation of a smart life. It is expected to make people's work and life more convenient, comfortable and efficient. In line with the construction concept of “convenience, benefiting the people, benefiting the people, and people-oriented”, many companies in the industrial chain have begun to set foot and even have begun to lay out. How will the smart community industry develop in the future? Worth awkward.

                                                                                                                                          (Article source: China Security Exhibition Network)

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