Swipe, button, face recognition, mobile APP can automatically open the box, bring the weighing system, intelligently identify whether the trash can is full,Big data analysis in the background; know which residents do well, which residents are not active or even which residents are chaotic; the investment of Thinmoo intelligent waste sorting equipment can make community management simple, transparent and efficient.

Compared with traditional trash cans, the advantage of Thinmoo intelligent garbage sorting equipment is very obvious. Traditional trash cans can't prevent residents from mis-delivery. Some residents may pollute recyclable garbage after being misplaced, resulting in recyclable garbage becoming unrecyclable, wasting others' energy and labor results, and causing a great waste of resources. Thinmoo intelligent garbage sorting equipment perfectly solves the problem of littering.

Thinmoo intelligent garbage sorting equipment has functions such as information collection, face recognition, and mobile APP management. Through big data analysis, managers can more easily understand the specific delivery information. Thinmoo intelligent garbage sorting equipment can also be traced back to which residents in each bag of garbage are cast. If there is a mistake, it can leave data in the background in time, and can also count the residents' participation rate to a greater extent. Residents of garbage sorting increased their publicity and education, so that every resident actively participated in the garbage sorting. Especially for children, children gradually established the "garbage classification started from me" in the process of learning the classification of domestic waste. Responsibility, in the future life, they will also change the lifestyle of their parents and promote the reduction of household waste. The functions of these smart garbage sorting devices are unmatched by the traditional trash can mode.

 All of these are not possible with traditional trash cans, and the input of intelligent waste sorting and recycling equipment is to make the garbage sorting work of each community well, so that residents can classify the garbage into habits and let our living environment Better.

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