1. Account registration (APP+ management platform)

Da Guanjia APP is a smart community access control life service software that provides access control related services.

Scan the QR code below to download the Butler APP. When the APP is registered, fill in the owner's mobile phone number or email address. The APP account number must be the same as when the user information is registered in the background.

Log in to the company {Shenzhen Thinmoo Technology Co., Ltd.} official website www.thinmoo.com, click on the ‘’administrative platform’ at the top of the main page to register the account (the asterisk is required), and log in to the operation page of the smart community back-end system.

2, region, community, unit, room, member creation

After entering the "Management Platform", create areas, communities, units, rooms and member information as required

3, bind the device and give the relevant personnel permissions

Click Device Management, Video Device Settings, fill in the corresponding device name and serial number, then the device type and own unit will appear; select the corresponding area according to the installation location.

After the video device is added, the system will automatically generate the Bluetooth device corresponding to the device.

4, mobile APP opens

Open the “Da Butler” app, and the “Mobile Phone Open” column will show the name of the device bound in the previous step. Click the key icon to open the access control. You can also add face information through the APP. After the upload is complete, you can open the corresponding access control machine through face recognition. “Visitor Authorization” can provide temporary visitors with a time-sensitive dynamic password to facilitate the two parties; strangers visit us through the “gateway video” to understand who the other party is, to protect our security.

The above is the way we open the door of “Da Butler” APP. If you need to know more about our product information, you can communicate with us at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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