What is a smart community?

        Smart community solutions are based on artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, relying on video surveillance, face self-checking access control / gates, entrance and exit vehicle bayonet, structured cameras and other front ends, through the smart community prevention and control cloud platform, to achieve Comprehensive and accurate management of community vehicles, personnel, and events, as well as providing corresponding business support for public security, property, community/street offices, etc., to create a new ecological community.

        We believe that the core of smart community construction is "the development of people's comprehensive freedom" and "people's sense of happiness and belonging to the living area". Starting from the happiness of the residents, the ultimate goal of the smart community is to improve the happiness of the community residents. Make the community a modern community that is safer, more convenient, more affordable, healthier and more human. At the same time, the community as a basic component of the society, its intelligent development will also promote the development of smart cities and smart communities.

Ximo Smart Community Solution

1. Community service platform

        Seamlessly link community service providers and owners, use data precision marketing and push services, share platforms, efficiently and cost-effectively help businesses, and realize the transition from tools to content.

2. Smart property platform

        Providing a smart property management platform based on mobile internet for property companies, seamlessly linking property management and community owners, improving management efficiency, reducing costs, improving service quality and owner experience

3, AI + big data

        Through the community entrances and exits, public area monitoring, unit door face self-checking and access control and other intelligent front-ends to form a three-dimensional security control system, build three lines of defense of AI + big data, so that people can stay in the image, car over the card, not only for community security All-round monitoring and protection has been carried out, and the collected data can provide preconditions for the public security department to carry out inspection and control and other related businesses.

4, platform APP linkage

        The intelligent security hardware (car park, access control, visitor management elevator access control) and smart home hardware and wearable (second stage) controlled by APP create an intelligent hardware mobile management platform, making APP an indispensable part of the main life. . Service owners, solve APP downloads, high frequency usage, active and sticky issues, lock owners

The core of smart community service

        The smart community solution integrates the public security work with the community management, extends the policing tentacles, realizes the police force sinking, the police move forward, fills the blank of the community vehicle control, and builds the smart city and the snow The project laid a solid foundation.

        For the public security industry, on the one hand, the deployment of smart community solutions can enrich the source of big data collection; on the other hand, through the platform docking function, it can conduct various analysis such as personnel, social relations, behavioral tendency, and real-time control of alarms. It can prevent the occurrence of crime to a certain extent, and can solve the hidden problems of suspects caused by frequent community movements and environmental privacy, and realize community grid management.

        For the community residents, the new community management model not only establishes a solid security protection system for the community, but also provides services such as “opening the door” and “smart carport”.

        For the community, street, and property, through smart application, we can more accurately understand the information of community residents, timely carry out activities such as care for the elderly and children, and provide children with more personalized and customized services.

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