On the morning of September 25th, the Shandong Provincial Department of Education held a news briefing on the education informationization work of Shandong Province to interpret the Shandong Education Informationization 2.0 Action Plan (2019-2022). Advance education informatization 2.0, Shandong will take eight major actions.

Breaking the "educational assembly line", education informationization into the classroom

        The main goal of the Shandong Education Informatization 2.0 initiative is to conduct large-scale education in accordance with the aptitude and provide “appropriate” education for each child.

        At the press conference on the 25th, the relevant person in charge of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education introduced that the traditional class-based education model is a matter of the last 300 years, which is the result of adapting to the development of industrial civilization and is suitable for large-scale manufacturing or assembly line production. Produced as needed. The current society has entered the information age, and Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing have become the labels of this era.

       According to reports, limited by various educational resources, such as limited teacher resources, such as limited school buildings, making it impossible to carry out large-scale teaching in accordance with the traditional education mode. However, under the blessing of information technology such as big, intellectual, physical, cloud and mobile. Through technology empowerment education, smart classrooms based on information technology and mobile learning terminals have made it possible to teach students on a large-scale basis and have the basic conditions for popularization.

        Education Informationization 2.0 will actively embrace classroom teaching, integrate information technology into all links of teaching, learning, research, measurement, evaluation and management, continuously innovate educational teaching concepts, reorganize educational resources, reshape teaching processes, and reconstruct classroom ecology. Reconstruct teaching evaluation and let information technology truly have a revolutionary impact on education and teaching. Education informatization should enter the main battlefield of classroom teaching, develop smart classroom applications, and solve educational and teaching problems.

        Shandong will be guided by the establishment of a national-level smart education demonstration zone in Qingdao. In 2020, the province will strive to build 10 smart education demonstration zones and 130 smart education demonstration schools (100 primary and secondary schools, 20 secondary vocational schools, and higher education institutions). 10)). Promote the construction of smart campuses in the province through typical guiding and demonstration actions. In 2022, the province will have a smart campus coverage rate of 80%, benefiting 10,000 schools, and building a smart education environment that supports personalized teaching.

For teachers and students to reduce burden, Shandong will develop adaptive learning system

        At the news briefing, Wang Shuqin, director of the Shandong Electro-chemical Education Center, introduced that Education Informatization 2.0 will emphasize the application of technology. Shandong will focus on the two educational pain points of homework and exams, making full use of artificial intelligence and big data technology to develop and mature. Reliable adaptive learning system, standard with teachers and students across the province.

        In the future, this adaptive learning system will become the teacher's “teaching reference book” and the student's “teaching aids”, which intelligently match the teaching characteristics of each teacher and the learning situation of each student.

        "This system will minimize the workload of teachers and students, so that teachers have more energy to invest in teaching innovation, reflecting the advantages of educational technology." Wang Shuqin introduced that adaptive learning system should provide support for personalized teaching, creating Personalized teaching environment. On the basis of completing the construction and application of the adaptive learning system, it will gradually expand and expand to other education and teaching links such as teaching, learning, research, evaluation, and management.

        Wisdom education should build a smart campus, smart classroom, then what is the standard? According to the introduction, Shandong will carefully create the "Smart Classroom Application Guide" and "Smart Campus Construction Guide". "Smart Classroom Application Guide" entrusted "Shandong Province Smart Class Application Practice Community" (one of the six national-level smart classroom application practice communities named by the Ministry of Education) is responsible for drafting and formulation. The current work is nearing completion and will be on October 12th in Qingdao. The "2019 International Education Informatization Conference" was officially released. The drafting and formulation of the "Smart Campus Construction Guide" has also been launched and is expected to be officially released in the first half of 2020 to guide the construction of smart campuses across the province.

The school provides teaching resources, and students must prepare learning terminals.

        To build a smart classroom, for students, the intelligent learning terminal will be the student's "book" and "pencil". The problem of the intelligent learning terminal is also introduced by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education.

        According to reports, in the construction of smart classrooms, the teaching platform and digital resources related to the smart classroom should generally be provided by the school. The mobile learning terminal is a learning tool that the school carries out smart classroom teaching and requires students to use it in a unified manner. It cannot simply wait for the ordinary student mobile phone and tablet computer, and should allow students to bring into the classroom. However, mobile learning terminals as personal learning tools should be purchased by students and parents like books and pencils.

        According to reports, in the process of building a smart classroom, Shandong also encourages qualified districts and schools to adopt a mode of fund sharing or government subsidies to reduce the financial burden on students and parents. At the same time, we must have a complete work plan to ensure that students who have not purchased a mobile learning terminal can also attend classes normally.

Shandong will build Qilu Education Online Platform

      The Shandong Education Informationization 2.0 Action Plan (2019-2011) is the top-level design and master plan for the education informationization work in Shandong Province in the next three to five years.

        According to the plan, Shandong will build Qilu Education Online Platform. According to the introduction, the construction of Qilu Education Online Platform will use Internet technology to synthesize the classroom application model, and integrate the courier classroom, the teacher classroom, the famous school network classroom, the live classroom, and the on-demand classroom. Multiple application modes such as double-teacher class and synchronous teaching and research. Launch online education networking project, implement online education and support intelligence, and create a lifelong education service system. We will channel quality education resources to areas with weak teachers and schools, and focus on solving the differences between regions, between urban and rural areas, and between schools to help balance education.

         In addition, Shandong will also carry out the platform matrix construction action, build the Shandong Education Big Data Platform, and realize the interconnection and data sharing of the provincial, city and county platforms.

                                                                                                                      From: Qilu Evening News

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