In order to strengthen social control, further deepen social governance, learn "Fengqiao-style police station" and create "Maple Bridge-type police station." Recently, the first intelligent community system in Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, was put into operation first in the Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community in the Guangfu Police Station.

         It is understood that in the work of creating the "Fengqiao-type public security police station", Guangfu Police Station of Guang'an Public Security Bureau of Guang'an City Public Security Bureau focused on the goal of "contradictions are not turned in, peace is not going wrong, services are not lacking", and it is actively related to the construction of smart communities. The company contacted and explored the smart community construction plan and decided to take the lead in the Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community. Through consultation with the property management, industry committee and related enterprises, the construction system of public security, community promotion, community cooperation, enterprise investment, residents sharing, and social co-government has been formed. The relevant enterprises have invested more than 80,000 yuan in Dongyang Binjiang Li. The Jing Community builds a smart system and recovers costs and profits by advertising in the community to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

         It is reported that Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community has only one gate and one back door, and there is also an underground garage with a population of more than 3,500. By installing the face recognition access control device on the front and rear doors, the face is swiped into the door, and the face capture machine is installed in the access passage to realize the face capture comparison, preventing the non-local personnel from following the door to prevent the actual security level of the community.

         At the same time, the property management company can realize the early warning of the empty nest elderly who have not entered the record for a long time in the community through the inbound and outbound big data analysis, so as to timely arrange the staff to go to the door to understand the situation and effectively improve the community management service level.

         Wang Yafei, director of Guangfu Police Station of Guang'an District Public Security Bureau, said: "Since the Dongyang Binjiang Lijing Community smart system has been put into use, there has been no disputes, no incidents, no petitions in the community." Data access to the public security background can also be achieved. The timely warning of key personnel will facilitate the first time for the police station to carry out work and effectively improve the level of public security prevention and control.

                                                                                                                                From: People's Network

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