On August 31, Hangzhou Normal University welcomed 5522 undergraduate and graduate students. At the Hangzhou Normal University campus in the hinterland of the "Smart City" Hangzhou City West Branch, the 5G network is fully covered, and you can eat with your face!

       This year, Hangzhou Normal University adopted the new-time real-time dynamic system for the first time, which visually showed the number and proportion of students enrolled in the whole school, each college, and different students at each time point, providing relatively accurate data support for the new reception work.

       Into the newly completed Shenyuan Restaurant, a new student from the Hengyang Teachers College of Education in Wenzhou, Tangshan, was pleasantly surprised to find that eating here does not require a card, nor does it require an “Alipay” to directly “see the face”. "It feels like a scene in a movie. I can't wait to run it. It's amazing. And after going to the gym class, I don't have to go back to the bedroom to take the phone and get the meal card. It's great."

       "At the same time as the freshman admission, the school has already imported the student's avatar information into the face recognition system, so there is no need to re-collect. When the new student arrives at the school, the dormitory, restaurant, and library will 'recognize' him." Ge Ruxiong, director of the Great Information Center, said.

       After the "face recognition" is used in the dormitory, library, etc., the "brush face" settlement consumption is also being promoted throughout the school. "In our school, watching face eating is no longer a joke." Teacher Zhao of the graduate school said with a smile.

        As one of the two universities in Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang University to establish 5G base stations, as early as a year ago, Hangshi Da Cangqian Campus has already achieved 5G full coverage. This year's freshmen can enjoy 5G speed by holding 5G equipment. .

       With the help of 5G Dongfeng, Hangzhou Normal University has been brave in innovation in the construction of “Smart Campus”. Restaurant face payment, library face recognition, express robot, VR virtual reality foreign language training... Hangzhou Normal University is getting more and more tides, from electronic campus card, to face recognition, express robot to campus, and then to 5G new technology Hangzhou Normal University always keeps pace with the development of the times.

        Ge Ruxiong told reporters, "At present, Hangzhou Normal University is also actively negotiating with operators to apply 5G technology to smart classrooms. In the near future, Hangzhou Normal University will use 5G technology to open a 'holographic projection' classroom. An air bridge is set up between the Cangqian Campus and the Jade Emperor Campus to allow students from the Jade Emperor Campus to participate in the classroom at the warehouse front without going out of school."

         Ximo Smart Campus uses face recognition technology, video surveillance, access control, alarm output, and video output to coordinate with each other to realize the humanized and intelligent management of the school building. It solves the problem of students entering and leaving the dormitory and checking the bed. Management provides a new way of thinking.


        Ximo Wisdom uses big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to solve the problems of dormitory accessibility barrier management, dormitory supervision, teacher management, smart sign-on management, school express parcel self-service, school property security management, etc., providing digital and intelligent campus The management platform makes the campus more secure, allowing teachers and students to experience more convenient and efficient campus life services.

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