China Eastern Airlines' smart travel service system equipped with RFID, face recognition and 5G technology is landing at Daxing Airport

        China Eastern Airlines said on the 19th that China Eastern Airlines and Huawei and Unicom have officially launched the latest research and development innovations at Beijing Daxing International Airport, a 6G network-based Eastern Airlines Smart Travel Integrated Service System.

Data Map: From the air, the Daxing Airport's characteristic terminal building and runway project are magnificent and spectacular.

        The smart travel integrated service system launched by China Eastern Airlines is based on the whole process of aviation travel, and builds a three-dimensional intelligent travel service around the three dimensions of “one face to the airport”, “one network intelligent experience” and “one core baggage control”. . The entire system involves a total of 11 categories of 11 scene solutions. China Eastern Airlines has also become the first aviation company in the world to promote the use of new technologies such as 5G and AR glasses in the civil aviation field. The world's first launch of the face-finger system and the cabin hatch recognition system have achieved the purchase of tickets to the cabin at Daxing Airport. Brushing the entire face; the world's first passive passive electronic luggage tag service.

        According to China Eastern Airlines, "a face travels all over the airport" means that passengers on the Eastern Airlines flight at the upcoming Daxing Airport do not need to present their ID cards and QR codes as they have in the past. Passengers only need to face recognition, they can complete the travel process from ticket purchase, check-in, consignment, security check, boarding, etc. In addition, China Eastern Airlines also considers passengers carrying children and babies to provide a “brushing face” series of services for children over the age of two. Passengers travelling with babies will automatically recognize the passenger tickets of their peers after checking the face. The total number will automatically increase the number of babies without the need for additional operations.

       “One Network Intelligence Experience” is the opening of China Eastern Airlines in conjunction with Daxing Airport. Based on the China Eastern Airlines APP, the “5G+East Airline Service Network” system is launched to provide passengers with intelligent coverage of travel, travel, post-traffic, flight changes and other scenarios. The whole process service information, in addition to the regular ticketing reminder, check-in reminder, boarding reminder, reminder boarding reminder, boarding gate change, baggage claim carousel and other service information, also added a reminder to the boarding gate expected time, Baggage loading reminder, baggage turntable reminder, unaccompanied child boarding, handover notice, etc.

        "One core baggage control" refers to China Eastern's first radio frequency identification (RFID) permanent baggage tag on the world, and cooperated with Huawei to develop a 5G baggage tracking solution to visualize the whole baggage transportation. Passengers can always fly in China Eastern Airlines. The APP checks the status of the checked baggage.



                                                                                                              Source: China News Network

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